Health Services Research Interest Group

Interest Group Description:

Health services research is the next phase of basic and clinical research in improving health: Basic and clinical research study diseases and the development of treatment for those diseases; HSR studies how those treatments are applied and the resulting outcomes. Includes study of organizational structures within healthcare and their financing, role of practitioners, impact of individual behaviors on treatments and health, and how systems outside of healthcare impact health.  Cystic fibrosis example: April 2017 Annals of Internal Medicine study reported that CF patient in Canada have a lifespan ten year longer than CF patients in U.S.  This new interest group will discuss what the potential goals should be and possible discussion topics. One topic that will be teed up to discuss at this first meeting is the emerging research agenda on communicating the cost of care to patients.

In 2017, the Grants Administration Interest Group is being chaired by:

  • Lynne Garner, Trustee and President, The Donaghue Foundation
  • Margaret Flowers, Associate Director, Grants and Scientific Communications, Breast Cancer Research Foundation