Book Club

6/28/2023 11am-12pm ET - Webinars

Please join us for book club on June 28th where we will be discussing ‘Empire of Pain’ by Pattrick Reddan Keefe.

A few details:

The book ‘Empire of Pain’ chronicles a well known and tragic story of opioid development, marketing, regulatory approval and disaster in the US.  However, years of litigation and interviews have now brought more of the story out into the public.

New York Times review:

While other accounts of the opioid crisis have tended to focus on the victims, “Empire of Pain” stays tightly focused on the perpetrators. 

‘Like the Mexican drug lord, the Sacklers used their money to persuade people to do their bidding — from the F.D.A. reviewer who landed a $400,000-a-year job at Purdue barely a year after approving OxyContin to the former U.S. attorney who went from being one of the first to raise alarm bells about the drug to becoming a company consultant after he left office. And like El Chapo, the Sacklers threatened and intimidated those they couldn’t put on the payroll.’ – New York Times

“It is a peculiar hallmark of the American economy that you can produce a dangerous product and effectively off-load any legal liability for whatever destruction that product may cause by pointing to the individual responsibility of the consumer.” – Empire of Pain

Discussion goal:  We’d love to consider through a robust discussion what our responsibility is as organizations in the health research space to protect patients. 



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