Evaluating Open Science Practices of Your Awardees

10/5/2021 3:00-4:00pm ET - Webinars

Evaluating Open Science Practices of Your Awardees

Do you encourage open science practices among your awardees or want to?  If so, please join us for a discussion of how some of your colleagues collect information on applicants/awardees “open” practices (especially with respect to data sharing), and how they use the information they collect.  Topics we’ll discuss include requirements for data sharing or data management plans, and sharing data from funded research. We would also like to discuss attendees’ experiences or challenges in evaluating other open science behaviors such as publishing in open access journals, or posting preprints. We’ll also talk about the next much harder step – looking at the impact this sharing has had.

This webinar is cohosted by the Open Science Task Force and the Program Evaluation Working Group.

Jason Gerson, PCORI
Salvatore LaRosa, CTF
Lisa Towry, and Jaclyn Taroni, Alex’s Lemonade Stand