Impact of Communications: Staying ahead of the game, strategic and proactive communications

9/17/2021 12:00-1:00pm ET - Webinars

Staying ahead of the game: Strategic and proactive communications

Mark Dessauer, VP of Learning, Spitfire Strategies

Communications is ever present in most organizations.  No matter what the mission, communications are the means to accomplish it – internally and externally.  Having a successful communications plan and position takes more than the right tools, time and talent, it takes organizational buy-in.  When strategic communications is integrated into an organization’s overall strategy, it allows the comms person to say no to viral videos, podcasts and increasing social media followers (unless these tactics are critical to your audience).

This webinar will help HRA Members staff make the case for strategic and proactive communications with their organization.  We will focus on audience-centered communications and the various tools (communication plan, storybank, messaging, social media and media engagement) to use to ensure you connect.  We will have opportunities for Q and A and discussion of examples of how other nonprofits and foundations have set up communications for greater impact.

  • Participants will learn the difference between tactical/reactive and strategic/proactive communications.
  • Participants will discuss how to engage organizational leadership in order to support and invest in their communications.
  • Participants will explore the various tools to allow them to be proactive and impactful in their communication efforts.