ORCiD for Funders

3/25/24 3-4pm ET - Webinars

Please join the ORCID US Community team for a discussion of the benefits of ORCID consortium membership for funders. For example, linking your awards with your awardees’ and reviewers’ ORCID records will enable you to:

  • Improve your ability to track the impact of your awards and your awardees, even after the end of the grant term
  • Save time and reduce input errors when filling out forms
  • Better know who your applicants and reviewers are and improve the integrity of your submission, review, and reporting processes
  • Ensure the research you fund reaches its full potential via ORCID’s FAIR-enabled data and infrastructure
  • Help your awardees improve their visibility, and improve the discoverability of their works and contributions, by the scholarly community
  • Meet governmental compliance requirements
  • Resolve metadata and name discrepancies

ORCID’s free services are openly available for anyone to use, but joining the ORCID US Community consortium will maximize the benefits of ORCID.