Research Workforce and Early Career Development Working Group Call

5/13/2021 2:00-3:00pm ET - Webinars

The Research Workforce and Early Career Development Working Group invites you to join our bimonthly meetings occurring on:

Thursday May 13th, at 2pm
Thursday July 15th, at 2pm
Thursday September 9th, at 2pm
Thursday November 11th at 2pm

In our May 13th meeting we will be focusing on ways to understand the impact of COVID-19 across the HRA as a whole and member responses. To begin this endeavor, we have constructed a Google Sheet to tackle the initial subjects we would like to cover, but thus far limited to those participating in the Working Group calls. In the meeting we will discuss impacts on networking and mentorship, recruitment and retention, new funding opportunities, and then what new directions you see the Working Group taking. We will also be debriefing the webinar given by Dr. Reshma Jagsi on April 27th concerning the NAS report on the impact of COVID-19 on the Careers of Women in Academic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Action items will be drawn up along with ideas on how to move forward.