Spring 2024 HRA Members Meeting: The Open Science Landscape – Context & Opportunities for Nonprofit Funders

3/14/24, 12 - 1PM ET - Online via Zoom - Members Meeting Virtual Session

Open Science is the principle and practice of making research products and processes available to all, which fosters collaborations, reproducibility, and equity. This session will explore the ways in which funders can implement open policies that complement those of federal agencies. The session will open with an overview of current federal requirements related to open science including guidance from the Office of Science and Technology Policy to make federally funded research freely available without delay. In the second part of the session, we will hear from the Open Science Learning Community and learn more about the HRA community’s needs as it pertains to open science. Lastly, organizers will match organizations into smaller break out groups to discuss challenges and solutions to developing, implementing, and monitoring compliance of open science policies.


Megan Allen, PhD
Scientific Director | Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation


Greg Tananbaum, MSc
Executive Director | Open Research Community Accelerator (ORCA)

Greg Tananbaum serves as Executive Director of the Open Research Community Accelerator (ORCA), a nonprofit that nurtures collaborations to make open science more rewarding, more equitable, and easier to practice. Among his career highlights, Greg has had senior leadership roles with Open Research Funders Group (ORFG);  the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Roundtable on Aligning Incentives for Open Scholarship; the Higher Education Leadership Initiative for Open Scholarship (HELIOS); the Alliance for Open Scholarship (All4OS); and bepress. Greg holds a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics and a B.A. from Yale University.

Al Towers, PhD
Senior AD Medical and Scientific Relations | Alzheimer’s Association

Al Towers is the Senior Associate Director for the grant programs at the Alzheimer’s Association. In this role he manages a portion of the Association’s international research grant portfolio. Al is also the co-chair of the HRA Open Science learning community, and AI and LLM learning community. Prior to joining the Association in 2021, Al worked at the University of Illinois as a research administrator for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Al is passionate about how we as funders can leverage advances in open science and technology to accelerate scientific discovery.