HRA Analyzer

HRA Analyzer:  A platform to make some HRA Reporter data publicly available

In pursuit of the Health Research Alliance’s (HRA) strategic goal of collecting and sharing comprehensive data and analysis about nonprofit funding for biomedical research and training, we are implementing Digital Science’s (DS) ÜberWidget (Widget). The Widget is a flexible and configurable search module to the Dimensions platform which is the platform on which HRA Reporter runs. This tool can be easily plugged into HRA’s website. We are calling HRA’s implementation of the Widget HRA Analyzer.  HRA Analyzer will allow public visitors to search through a subset of the HRA member grant data housed in HRA Reporter.   Please see the Bladder Cancer Funding Analyzer for a demonstration of the power of this tool.

Data in HRA Analyzer

HRA recognizes that some HRA members have constraints on the data they can publicly display.  Thus, HRA Analyzer will have:

  • The ability to exclude some members entirely from showing. This would allow a member to have their data show in the private HRA Reporter, but not in HRA Analyzer.
  • The ability to hide award amounts for members who want to appear in the public HRA Reporter. This would allow a member to include award amounts in the private HRA Reporter, but not in HRA Analyzer.

Development of HRA Analyzer

Contacts at each member organization will be designated.  These contacts will be responsible for confirming the level of participation with which the organization is comfortable.

HRA will host a launch webinar on January 24th, to register for the launch webinar use this link.  This webinar will be recorded and available for future playback on the HRA website.  We will also provide FAQs, and host quarterly webinars to update members on status and address challenges.

Additional details will be coming soon. We look forward to sharing HRA members’ impact with the public through HRA Analyzer and hope you do too!