HRA-ORCID Consortium

HRA recently formed an HRA-ORCID Consortium. Members of the consortium receive technical support to embed ORCID iDs into the entire grants management workflow – from application through progress report, and well beyond. This allows the funder to get data from applicant’s ORCID record, and to push funding data to awardees’ records. It decreases burden on applicants, awardees, and staff, while increasing accuracy. It will also help funders to keep track of alumni – wherever they go!

HRA has contracted with ORCiD and Altum to integrate ORCiD into HRA members’ Grants Management systems and into funded researchers’ workflows.

Via the consortium, ORCID is integrated into several different workflows including:

This integration allows funders to:

  • automatically extract data from applicant’s ORCID record
  • push funding data to awardees’ records
  • decrease burden on applicants, awardees, and staff with respect to data entry and validation
  • increase accuracy of data
  • more effectively keep track of alumni

As a member of the HRA Consortium the price for premium membership is heavily discounted plus we have the technical staff to help.

Read the November 6, 2017 ORCiD consortium press release here.

Why integrate ORCID?

“ORCID will become the standard throughout the International Academic Scientific Community. It will happen – it’s just a matter of when.” Marcia McNutt, PhD, Meeting Keynote*, NAS President, Former Editor‐in‐Chief of Science

ORCiD provides a unique, persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers from each other. ORCiD provides numerous benefits to funders and researchers.

For example, an ORCID record can alleviate incorrect assignment or designation due to:
• Name change
• Inconsistent use of middle initial
• Name inadvertently misspelled
• Lack of ability to distinguish common names
• Recent affiliation changes

If authors, reviewers, references, grant applicants, etc supply their ORCID identifier all ambiguity will be eliminated.

Also, authors with an ORCID identifier will be able to have Crossref or DataCite automatically push information about their published work (via CrossRef) or datasets (via DataCite) to their ORCID record. Well over 230 publishers already include ORCID identifiers in their metadata deposits with Crossref.

Related to ORCID is the ORBIT project: The ORCID Reducing Burden and Improving Transparency (ORBIT) project engages funders to use persistent identifiers to automate and streamline the flow of research information between systems. The NIH is currently engaged in pilot efforts with ORCID and Crossref (two non-profit groups) and other non-governmental funders to better manage funding and investigator data. See the Resources section below for additional information.