HRA Reporter (click to go to the database)

(formerly known as Grants in the Health Research Alliance Shared Portfolio – gHRAsp)

The HRA Reporter is a real time, searchable database of awards made by its 75 members. As of the launch, the database represents $8.9 billion in funding and over 31,000 separate grants from 2006 to the present.  Check out Digital Science’s blog post of the HRA-UberResearch partnership.


An HRA report published in 2014, Bringing non-Profit Funding of Biomedical Research Into the Light, provides an enlightening analysis of grants for biomedical research from foundations and grant-making charities that are HRA members:

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The report provides aggregated data from a database called Grants in the Health Research Alliance Shared Portfolio (gHRAsp), which was developed by the HRA to capture detailed grant information in real-time from its members, many of the most highly respected organizations in the nation. With this analysis, we can begin to understand the scope and nature of funding from this important sector.


Background on gHRAsp:

An initial key project of the Health Research Alliance was the creation of gHRAsp, the first comprehensive repository of biomedical research awards made by non-governmental, not-for-profit grantmakers  .The need for the database was recognized in the late 1990’s when the predecessor of the Health Research Alliance, the Clinical Research Alliance, attempted to quantify the investment of the private, not-for-profit sector in the career development of clinical investigators. Obtaining such information currently requires an extensive search of myriad websites. The database pulls this information together in one location.

An inaugural report from the gHRAsp database was published in the journal Academic Medicine in November, 2012.  The article, “Similarities and Differences in Philanthropic and Federal Support for Medical Research in the United States: An Analysis of Funding by Nonprofits in 2006-2008,” includes findings from 9,934 grants starting in calendar years 2006-2008 from thirty-two HRA member organizations, totaling $2,712,428,254 in grant support.

The new report, Bringing Non-Profit Funding of Biomedical Research Into the Light (also downloadable above), is an update of these analyses. It reveals the dramatic drop in award dollars following the 2008-2009 economic downturn and the comeback in more recent years. It also provides recent information about grants and investigators supported by some of the nation’s top foundations and grant-making charities.