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Hi HRA Members,

We’ve had significant changes in the Public HRA Reporter project and the listserv to which I need to call your attention.  You will also find information about upcoming events and links to what has already happened.  Newsletters are now archived here.



Name Switch!
PUBLIC HRA Reporter will now be called (wait for it!)  HRA Reporter! 
The analogy between HRA’s grant database (initially called HRA Reporter) and NIH Reporter prompted us to flip and use HRA Reporter for the public face of HRA’s Grants Database.  Anyone who knows what NIH Reporter is will know immediately what HRA Reporter is!

If you didn’t attend the webinar or need more information, please email me.  Annette will be following up to confirm your designated contact.

Please note:  HRA Reporter serving as the name for the public side means that HRA Analyzer will now be the name for the HRA Member only side.  Sorry for the confusion!

Changes to the Listserv guidelines:
HRA Members may now use the listserv to post JOB POSTINGS for organizations who are not HRA Members.  Please use “JOB POSTING” in your subject.  See additional listserv guidelines here.
Upcoming events:
Webinar:  Get the most of your HRA Membership

HRA offers many perks to our members – yet not many are taking advantage of all that is offered! We’ll walk you through HRA’s resources and tools to help you be more effective at your job.
Register for Tuesday February 5, 2-3pm ET
Register for Thursday February 7, 12-1pm ET
Email to schedule a webinar for your team.

Webinar: (Re)Introduction to Data Sharing
3/21/2019  3:00-4:00 PM ET    REGISTER
The Data Sharing Working Group is hosting a webinar to (re)introduce core data sharing concepts. Our webinar speaker will be Warren Kibbe, PhD, former acting deputy director of the NCI and now Chief Data Officer at Duke University. Dr. Kibbe will introduce definitions (e.g., define data-sharing jargon), describe the aspects of effective policies, current technology (e.g., different platforms), as well as describe common data sharing challenges and potential solutions. This is a great ‘primer’ for those feeling overwhelmed by the concept of data sharing. We will build on the ideas Dr. Kibbe introduces when the DSWG convenes for a breakout session at the Members Meeting in Atlanta the following week.

MeetingSpring 2019 Members Meeting:  Co-Hosted by ACS, LLS and Rheumatology Research Foundation
3/28-29/2019 Atlanta, GA.
Register:  Use this link.    The deadline is February 28th.

Hotel: Use this hotel reservation link to make your hotel reservation at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis no later than February 28th.

HRA Members Meeting Day 1 (3/28) streaming:
HRA Members Meeting Day 2 (3/29) streaming:

Workshop:   Collaboration Workshop (tentatively Philadelphia)
5/1-5/2/2019  (from lunch to lunch😊)
With a grant from the Rita Allen Foundation, HRA is hosting a workshop to help its members develop and sustain more impactful collaborative relationships to accelerate scientific discoveries and innovation in grantmaking and research.  Mark your calendars!  All HRA members are invited.  We hope to have this meeting in Philadelphia.

If you or someone from your organization would be interested in attending, please email me.

Past events:
Webinar:  Public HRA Reporter  (1/24/2019)
The webinar discussed what taking HRA Reporter public means and how your organization can participate.   Here is the link to the webinar and the slide deck.  But if you would like a one on one discussion please email me.

Webinar:  Mentoring in the Research Workforce (1/22/2019)
Christine Pfund, PhD, presented the current landscape of mentoring in science, best practices in mentoring, and resources and training programs that are available. She provided information on services that could be used by HRA members to provide mentor or mentee training to grantees.

Potential Follow-up Workshop:
It is amazing how many resources are already out there that we can be taking advantage of to help provide grantees with mentee/mentor training. There are so many it’s hard to know where to start!  This working group is looking into hosting a workshop to help HRA organizations assess what they are currently doing in this space and put together an implementation plan that fits the needs of their organization.  Are you interested?  If so – please email Kara Coleman at

Webinar:   HRA Member Grants Management Databases (1/16/2019)
The Grants Administration Working Group hosted a webinar featuring presentations from fellow HRA members on 2 grants management databases. If you are willing to share your experiences with your GMS to the membership via webinar, please email Annette.

  • Catrina Bryant from the Beckman Foundation presented Community Force
  • Richard Ha from NYSCF presented Foundant