HRA-ORCiD Consortium

Read the November 6th 2017 ORCiD consortium press release here.

ORCiD provides a unique, persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers from each other.  ORCiD provides numerous benefits to funders and researchers. HRA has contracted with ORCiD and Altum to to integrate ORCiD into HRA members’ Grants Management systems and into funded researchers’ workflows. As a member of the HRA Consortium the price for premium membership is heavily discounted plus we have the technical staff to help!

October 5th Kickoff Webinar: 


“What is OCRID and why should we care about it” webinar hosted by the Grants Administration Interest Group.   Here is a link to the recording from the ORCID webinar as well as a link to the funder page on the ORCID Website.  A summary from the ORCID outreach meeting can be found here.