Making Science Open via Preprints (Fall 2016 HRA Members’ Meeting)

In addition to learning about the COS Preprints service, HRA explored the risks and benefits of encouraging our awardees to use preprints to publish their research.  At a session at the Fall 2016 HRA Members’ Meeting entitled “Understanding preprints, an emerging model for publication in biology” we heard from 3 speakers clearly articulating how preprints have the potential to increase the speed of research by decreasing the time to publication and to make research publications available to all.

The goal of this session was to increase funders’ knowledge on:

  1. preprints,
  2. the scientific community’s views on preprints, and
  3. a funder’s decision making process to encourage preprint publication.

A summary of the session can be found here. Click here for the speakers’ bios and slides.

Presenters at the Fall 2016 HRA Members’ Meeting

  • John Inglis, Publisher and Executive Director | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Co-founder |  bioRXiv
  • Jessica Polka, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow| Harvard Medical School, President of the Board of Directors, Future of Research
  • Neil Thackur, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the Deputy Director, Office of Extramural Research | NIH