HRA 2010-2019 Grantmaking Report


The 2010-2019 Grantmaking Report highlights Health Research Alliance members’ significant contributions to health-related research, training and career development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The analyses presented in the Report are derived from 10 years of data submitted by HRA members into HRA’s proprietary awardee database, HRA Analyzer.

The data in the Report illustrates that HRA members not only play a vital role in overall health-related research funding, but HRA-member funding is critical to fostering the next generation of scientific leaders. HRA members proportionately spend more of their research dollars supporting career development and training.

training initiatives than does the NIH. The Report clearly demonstrates that HRA has been working hard to broaden participation in the research workforce, but much work still needs to be done. To that end, HRA has launched our Inclusive Grantmaking Initiative to bring together HRA members and other collaborators across the biomedical research funding spectrum to identify and implement successful strategies to eliminate racism, discrimination, and bias not only in research but across the broad healthcare ecosystem.

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