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The Health Research Alliance, a collaborative member organization of nonprofit research funders, is committed to maximizing the impact of biomedical research to improve human health.

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February is Heart month.  There are almost 14 thousand “Heart” grants in HRA Reporter – totaling 2.5 billion dollars of support!

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Data sharing

Developing guidelines and a set of valuable resources needed to implement impactful data sharing policies.

  • Implementing Funder Data Sharing Policies (from annual meeting)
  • Webinars on Intro to Data Sharing and Intro to Sharing Big Data
  • New Data Sharing subgroup of the Open Science Task Force
    At the Spring 2018 Members Meeting we had a session focused on “Implementing of Funder Data Sharing Policies.” HRA members shared their process, considerations, and implementation of data sharing policies. To supplement that information, HRA’s Data Sharing intern, Heather McCartney compiled HRA Member Data Sharing Policies.

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Demonstrating the impact of HRA Member funding

The HRA Analyzer is a real time, searchable database of awards made by its 75 members. As of the launch, the database represents $8.9 billion in funding and over 31,000 separate grants from 2006 to the present.  Check out Digital Science’s blog post of the HRA-UberResearch partnership.

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