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90 nonprofits that fund biomedical research and training

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The Health Research Alliance, a collaborative member organization of nonprofit research funders, is committed to maximizing the impact of biomedical research to improve human health.

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HRA members’ generous support above and beyond dues enables HRA to provide additional value to members and increase our impact.  Thank you!


Sponsor of Research Workforce working group intern (2021)


Sponsor of the Cultural Competency Training workshops by BMe (2021)


Sponsors of the Collaboration Workshop (2019)

Sponsor of the Reimagine Biomedical Research for a Healthier Future Essay Challenge (2021)




Sponsor of the Cultural Competency Training workshops by BMe and COVID Impact Survey (2021)

Sponsors of the 2022 Members Meetings

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Non profit research funder collaborating to maximize the impact of investment in research


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Thanks in large part to members’ generously sharing strategies and experiences, HRA helped organizations tackle unforeseen challenges. We identified, curated, and provided resources that helped everyone (HRA included!) rise to the moment.