Organizations participating in the Health Research Alliance represent a variety of types of nongovernmental funders of health research, including voluntary health agencies, private foundations, and operating foundations. All of these organizations share a common interest in speeding the translation of biomedical science discoveries into applications that improve health, and in identifying and adopting best practices in funding health research.

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Dues are determined by the table below. New members are invoiced for prorated dues at the time of joining the Alliance and then are invoiced annually in January, payable by February 28 of that year.

If the total of all health-related1 grants paid2 in the most recently-completed fiscal year is Annual Health Research Alliance dues are
Up to $ 1 M $ 1,250
$ 1 M - $ 2.4 M $ 1,875
$ 2.5 M - $ 4.9 M $ 2,500
$ 5 M - $ 9.9 M $ 3,125
$10 M - $19.9 M $ 6,250
$20 M - $39.9 M $10,000
$40 M - $59.9 M $12,500
$60 M - $79.9 M $18,750
$80 M or more $22,500

1The phrase “all health-related grants” includes all grants made for biomedically relevant research, education and training.
2The phrase “grants paid” means cash out the door in that fiscal year, regardless of when the grant was awarded.