Members Meetings

Nonprofit Funder-Research Institution (NFRI) Partnership Workshop

September 24, 2019

HRA and COGR will hold its fourth NFRI Partnership Workshop on September 24, 2019.

Fall 2019 HRA Members’ Meeting (Alexandria)

September 25-26, 2019

The fall 2019 members meeting will be held at the Conquer Cancer offices in Alexandria.

Collaboration Workshop (AACR Offices in Philadelphia)

November 12-13, 2019

HRA is offering a workshop to all interested HRA members, held at the AACR offices in Philadelphia. The workshop will be designed and facilitated to: Increase members’ awareness of the benefits and challenges of collaboration, the “best-practices” leading to sustained collaboration. Surface the work that participants are already doing and thoughtfully connect the dots by sharing information, pooling resources, and…