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Push for Diversity Among Biomedical Grant Makers Gains New Momentum (June 2022)

JUNE 22, 2022 – One and a half billion dollars is a big mea culpa, but that is what one philanthropy is throwing on the table to address what it admits is a longstanding problem: the failure to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in health research.

Nation’s Healthcare Funders Unite On DEI Grantmaking (June 2022)

JUNE 2, 2022 –A consortium of more than 100 nonprofit healthcare funders that collectively award more than $1 billion annually has launched a grantmaking initiative to increase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the biomedical workforce.

Health Research Alliance Launching Ambitious Inclusive Grantmaking Initiative (June 2022)

JUNE 2, 2022 –The Health Research Alliance (HRA), a consortium of more than 100 nonprofit funders which collectively award more than $1 billion annually, is announcing the launch of an Inclusive Grantmaking Initiative aimed at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the biomedical workforce and fostering equitable research that accelerates scientific discovery while decreasing health disparities.

Commentary: HRA in Nature Medicine: Strategies for Inclusive Grantmaking (April 2022)

A recently published HRA and HRA member-authored commentary highlights the fact that grantmaking organizations play a crucial role in increasing diversity and equity in the biomedical workforce. The commentary’s authors suggest that collecting demographic data, increasing the diversity of applicants, and reducing bias in peer review are three valuable strategies to achieve these goals.

2010-2019 Grantmaking Report (June 2022)

The 2010-2019 Grantmaking Report highlights Health Research Alliance members’ significant contributions to health-related research, training and career development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

HRA: Making Science Open, Managed and Well-Funded  (September 2018)

Back in 2015, the Health Research Alliance (HRA), a multi-national consortium of non-profit organisations in the field of biomedical research, announced the selection of Dr Maryrose Franko as its new Executive Director. Bringing over 70 non-profit and non-governmental funders of biomedical research together, the HRA is the number one place to go for non-profit organisations seeking to enhance return on their investment in biomedical research.

About the Health Research Alliance
Incorporated in 2005, the Health Research Alliance (HRA) is a collaborative membership organization of over 100 nonprofit nongovernmental funders of biomedical research. HRA members have a shared interest in maximizing the impact of biomedical research to improve human health. To date, HRA members have invested well over $21 billion in biomedical research and training.

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