Data Sharing

Community Description

The Data-Sharing Community was formed to help HRA membership who are interested in navigating the data-sharing ecosystem. The group facilitated sessions, collected and disseminated information and resources and served as a thought-partnership community for HRA membership. The learning agenda included the items below which have now been incorporated into the agenda of the Open Science Learning Community.

  1. Inform HRA members about the issues and leading thinking surrounding data sharing.
  2. Help members in their decision-making processes regarding the creation of  data sharing policies.
  3. Support HRA members with resources and insights as they develop and implement data-sharing policies.

The Data Sharing Community was a subgroup of the Open Science Community.

The Key Activities this group has undertaken to achieve the above aims are:

  • Providing access to leaders (via hosting meetings and webinars) in the data-sharing ecosystem
  • Sourcing learning topics from HRA membership
  • Collecting and disseminating robust data-sharing policies as well as organization checklists for creating a policy
  • Providing the environment for thought-partnership and coordinate shared services among members, when appropriate
  • Collaborating with federal and other non-federal research funding institutions on data-sharing policy

Other activities and events include:

Hosting sessions at Members Meeting to identify the high level processes necessary to create and implement data sharing policies.

Developing a road map to facilitate HRA Members’ development of their own policies.

Quarterly webinars about data sharing topics:

Other potential discussion topics include:

  • how to advocate for data-sharing within your organization and the value of a data-sharing policy
  • evaluating data-sharing plans and monitoring compliance to a data-sharing policy
  • vetting/selecting/learning about data-sharing repositories
  • incentivizing data-sharing for the research community


The Data Sharing Learning Community has been incorporated into the Open Science Learning Community.