NASEM Toolkit for Fostering Open Science Practices

This Toolkit for Fostering Open Science Practices (created by members of the NASEM Roundtable on Aligning Incentives for Open Science) was designed to help funders, universities and others accelerate the pace of discovery by promoting open science.  The six chapters in Appendix C of the toolkit are the six specific “tools” listed below. The chapter titles below link to individual chapter extracted from Appendix C.

  1. Open Science Imperative. This essay communicates the benefits of open science using approachable language.
  2. Open Science Signaling Language Template and Rubrics. These resources provide specific language that can be adapted and adopted to signal an organization’s interest in open science activities at specific points of high leverage (e.g., grant applications, job postings).
  3. Good Practices Primers. These concise guides offer policy makers a high-level overview of open sharing including recommendations on sharing Data, Protocols & Preregistration Analysis Plans, Registered Reports, and Software and Code.
  4. Open Science by the Numbers Infographic. This infographic communicates the benefits of open science in a graphic form.
  5. Open Science Success Stories Database. This database compiles research articles, perspectives, case studies, news stories, and other materials that demonstrate the myriad ways in which open science benefits researchers and society alike.
  6. Reimagining Outputs Worksheet. This table enumerates the range of research products stakeholders may choose to consider as they develop open science policies.