Communications (inactive)

Community Description

The ability to communicate the value of science is key to increasing impact of a funder’s investment in biomedical research. This new Community will help HRA members communicate scientific impact to boards, patients, donors, and a variety of  other stakeholders. By doing so, it is hoped that an increased public respect for science will also be an output. Increasing the ability of HRA members’ staff to effectively communicate science and the impact of the science they fund, is another valuable strategy to accelerate the pace of discovery and foster innovation.

Activities for the future:
▪ Host sessions related to communicating science via ad hoc webinars, member meetings, or other topic-based meetings.
▪ Create resources and opportunities to assist HRA members in increasing their effectiveness, including hosting communication workshops to help HRA members’ staff communicate the impact of the science they fund.

To subscribe to the Communications listserv email Annette Huetter at annette at healthra dot org.


The Communications Community is being co-chaired by: