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EVO Program Webinar Data Sharing and Policy Landscape

6/6/2023 12-1pm ET

The Explore the Value of Open (EVO) Program will host our next webinar (open to all of HRA) on the topics listed below: Review expanded policy worksheet (Kristen Ratan added columns for OSTP Nelson member guidance and added examples/comments) Compare these policies to NIH Data Management and Sharing policy Tool…

2023 CEO Roundtables

6/6/2023 3-4pm ET

HRA will be hosting roundtables giving CEOs (including Presidents, Executive Directors, etc) of HRA Member organizations the opportunity to network and learn from their peers.  Previous roundtables discussions have covered strategic planning and human resource issues such as remote and hybrid work, compensation, and expanding programs under increasing expense constraints,…

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic

6/8/2023 3-4pm ET

Dear HRA Members, The Grants Administration Community addresses a wide range of operational issues of concern to funders of health research and training. The group curates resources for the HRA grants administration handbook, offers webinars, and hosts roundtable discussions on the vast topic area that is grants administration. We will…

DEI Community Call: Discussion of NASEM report on Advancing Antiracism and DEI

6/20/2023 12-1pm ET - Webinars

In this DEI Community Call, the DEI learning community co-chairs will present highlights from the recent NASEM report on Advancing Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEMM Organizations. After the presentation, the DEI learning community co-chairs will facilitate a discussion of the report amongst attendees. Link to the full report:…

HRA Analyzer Lunch & Learn

6/21/2023 12-1pm ET - Webinars

Please join us for an HRA Analyzer Lunch & Learn session led by Diane Saunders. We will (re-)introduce HRA Analyzer, the grants database exclusively for HRA members, including: how to link and/or upload your organization’s data; ways you can use Analyzer for program evaluations; and methods to identify funding trends…

AI and Learning Language Models (LLM) Learning Community Open Mic

6/21/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

Please join us for the first call of the newly formed AI and Learning Language Models (LLM) Learning Community. The goal of the AI and LLMs Learning Community is to collect and distribute resources and circulate ideas about the quickly developing field of AI and LLMs. This includes how AI…

2023 Registry and Biorepository calls

6/22/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

Dear Registry and Biorepository Learning Community members, The 2023 schedule for this communities’ zoom meetings has been set!  Please register for each call using the links above, we will send out more details about each (topics, format, speakers, etc.) approximately a month prior. Looking forward to seeing everyone!    …

Book Club

6/28/2023 11am-12pm ET - Webinars

Please join us for book club on June 28th where we will be discussing ‘Empire of Pain’ by Pattrick Reddan Keefe. A few details: The book ‘Empire of Pain’ chronicles a well known and tragic story of opioid development, marketing, regulatory approval and disaster in the US.  However, years of…

Fall 2023 HRA Members Meeting (Chicago, Il)

October 16 & 17, 2023

Hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association.

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