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Going beyond bibliometrics: A system to track the progress and impact of biomedical research funded by Susan G. Komen

2/8/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

The HRA Program Evaluation Community co-chairs are excited to have Amy Dworkin and Kari Wojtanik from Susan G. Komen present on learnings from the launch of their Komen Product Tracking System to HRA members. Tune in to hear about the development of this tracker, findings since launching it, lessons learned,…

Grants Administration Community: Planning for 2023 and Topics of Interest

2/9/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

The Grants Administration Community addresses a wide range of operational issues of concern to funders of health research and training. The group curates resources for the HRA grants administration handbook, offers webinars, and hosts roundtable discussions on the vast topic area that is grants administration. In the year ahead, the…

State of the Alliance Presentation: Strategic Plan Progress Report

2/22/2023 3-4pm ET - Webinars

On behalf of HRA’s Board of Directors, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Strategic Planning Evaluation Committee, I invite you to attend a “State of the Alliance” presentation. I will be updating the membership on the progress we have made in implementing the strategies set out in the 2021 Strategic…

HRA Misconduct and Ethics Community Call

3/2/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

Please join the Misconduct and Ethics community to learn more about the role of the ombuds in fostering a healthy research environment in a university setting. How do ombuds mitigate toxic workplace/misconduct in academia? How is an ombuds helpful to grantees? What role can funders play in responding to and…

2023 CEO Roundtables

3/6/2023 3-4pm ET

HRA will be hosting roundtables giving CEOs (including Presidents, Executive Directors, etc) of HRA Member organizations the opportunity to network and learn from their peers.  Previous roundtables discussions have covered strategic planning and human resource issues such as remote and hybrid work, compensation, and expanding programs under increasing expense constraints,…

2023 Registry and Biorepository calls

3/9/2023 2-3pm ET - Webinars

Dear Registry and Biorepository Learning Community members, The 2023 schedule for this communities’ zoom meetings has been set!  Please register for each call using the links above, we will send out more details about each (topics, format, speakers, etc.) approximately a month prior. See you then, Angela, Penny and Elise…

Getting the Most Out of Your HRA Membership

next one March 15, 2022

I will be hosting “Getting the Most Out of Your HRA Membership” webinars. These sessions are for: new member organizations new staff at existing members ANYONE who wants to learn about HRA’s many activities Please register yourself or encourage your team to signup to learn more about how HRA can…

Spring 2023 HRA Members Meeting (The Beckman Center, Irvine, CA)

March 21 & 22, 2023

Hosted by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

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