Professional Development Program – For Staff of HRA Members

Professional Development Program

HRA’s ongoing Strategic Planning process surfaced the need to provide professional development resources and opportunities to staff of HRA member organizations. HRA’s new Professional Development Program is designed to address that need.

To increase organizational and philanthropic sector capacity by enhancing the effectiveness of staff of HRA member organizations.

· To help enhance professional skills not generally available through other avenues, that will enable staff of HRA member organizations to be more effective in their professional capacity.
· To increase the professional networks and mentoring opportunities for staff to foster professional advancement and increase job satisfaction.
· To provide expertise and knowledge to develop future leaders in the biomedical research funder community.

This program will offer workshops as well as identify and create other resources to achieve these goals. Resources and opportunities will be shared with the HRA membership and posted on HRA’s website. At least initially, these will be available only to HRA member organizations.

Kickoff Workshop:  Understanding your Leadership Style 
Workshop details can be found here, including the link to register.

Professional Development Program Team:
Anja Armache, Damon Runyon
Nicole Burpo, AHA
Kara Coleman, PEW
Kristen Mueller, MRA
Andrew Smith, Conquer Cancer
Odette van der Willick, AFAR