2021 DRAFT Strategic Plan

I am pleased to share with you the most up-to-date strategic plan document.  Thank you to HRA’s Strategic Planning Committee for their significant efforts in bringing us to this point.  We are looking to you, HRA Members, to review and share your comments about the plan before the final adoption by our Board.

We encourage HRA members to participate in one of the two zoom sessions we have scheduled to walk through the plan with members, providing the opportunity for real time discussion and feedback.  The commenting period will last through July 20th.

The Strategic Plan can be found here.

You can (1) comment directly on the word doc  using track changes, (2) give your input anonymously in this very short, open-ended survey, or (3) email [email protected] directly with your comments or to schedule a phone call.

In addition to general feedback on the document’s clarity, and ability to advance HRA’s mission in the short and long term, we are interested in:

  • Are HRA’s existing mission and core values still appropriate?
  • Your thoughts on the value of the 4 goals to you and your organization.
    • Are we missing any goals?
  • Your enthusiasm for the strategies and activities recommended to achieve those goals.
    • Which would you rate high priority or low priority?
    • Are we missing strategies or activities?
  • Do the steps set out in the conclusion provide enough transparency and accountability with respect to progress toward achieving the goals set forth in the plan?
    • Would you like to see other steps?

Thanks for your support of HRA!