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Nonprofit Funder Research Institution Partnership (NFRI)


The in-person workshop scheduled for April 23, 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Instead we held a virtual meeting with four webinars, (the agenda for this virtual meeting can be found here.) For detailed information, resource materials, and the recording of each session, please refer to the individual sessions below. 

Playback Recording Here
Research Project Support Costs resources & integration across other resources 

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Streamlining reporting requirements resources & integration across  other resources

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IP/Tech Transfer resources & integration across other resources

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Next Steps

Each of the 3 sessions will note areas for integration and consolidation that were identified during the working sessions.  Then we will step back and discuss:

  • What should the Comprehensive NFRI Toolkit “look” like?
  • Do we need to create new task areas (ToolKit group, Marketing group, Policy group, etc)?
  • What is needed to capture and disseminate successes and identify areas where further work is needed?
  • How can we bring attention to new topic areas that need to be addressed?

This virtual workshop and the anticipated in-person workshop follow many previous workshops hosted by the NFRI partnership. Agendas, presentations, etc from those workshops can be found at the links below.
May 16, 2018 Meeting
November 7, 2018 Meeting
May 22, 2019 Meeting
September 24, 2019

NFRI Working Groups

Three Working Groups were also formed to advance NFRI’s mission between workshop.  These groups have frequent calls to gather information, share successful strategies and create resources to share with the community.  The groups are always looking for new members! Click on the specific Working Group link to read and review the various resources being created.  Feedback on all resources is welcome. Email maryrose at HealthRA dot org with comments, suggestions or to join a group.

Intellectual Property and Tech Transfer Workgroup
Research Project Support Costs Workgroup
Streamlining Administrative Requirements Workgroup

About NFRI

The goal of the Nonprofit Funder Research Institution Partnership (NFRI) is to establish a framework that encourages long-term effective Nonprofit Funder/Research Institution collaborations.

We developed a set of 4 Guiding Principles by which we operate.

  • Efforts must focus on fostering effective long-term partnerships based on mutual trust.
  • Activities need to support the mission of each partner. Efforts that are not in alignment with the mission of either partner will have little chance of success.
  • Strategies should foster efficient and effective collaborations to ensure timely conduct, dissemination, and advancement of research findings – which will ultimately benefit all parties
  • Benefits from streamlining administrative processes and requirements should be realized by all parties.

Informal discussions began around the area of Intellectual Property (IP) in 2012.  But in 2017, the NFRI partnership was formalized as collaboration between the Health Research Alliance (HRA) and The Council on Government Relations (COGR).


FIRST group meeting notes from September 25-26, 2019 HRA Members Meeting

History of the Partnership

You can find more information about the History of the Partnership and guiding principles at the links below.

History of the Partnership Part 1
History of the Partnership Part 2
Draft Principles