From Thankless to Springboard: Rethinking Annual Reports [September 21, 2022]

From Thankless to Springboard: Rethinking Annual Reports A thankless task? A never-ending grind? A boring waste of time? Perhaps, when done poorly. However, annual reports can also be a great way for your organization and community to reflect on the progress made in achieving your mission and the numerous challenges that you still face. Annual reports can also serve as a springboard for your organization’s messaging, giving you the time, space, and resources needed to rethink and realign the way you frame your mission and niche to the wider world.

This one hour convening of the HRA Communications Learning Community included a short, moderated discussion covering tips, tricks, and strategies to make the most of your annual report while engaging staff from across the organization.


*   Sarah Cook Raymond – President & CEO, Impact Marketing + Communications (
*   Kristen Mueller, PHD – Vice President Autoimmune Arthritis Research, Arthritis Foundation
*   Cody Barnett, MPH – Director of Communications & Patient Engagement, Melanoma Research Alliance
*   Moderator – Kelsey Hampton, PhD – Senior Manager, Mission Communications & Special Initiatives, Susan G. Komen