Intro to Datavant: Technology to link patient-level healthcare data without sharing personally-identifiable information [Webinar, October 2, 2018]

Vera Mucaj introduced Datavant, a San-Francisco based healthcare startup that helps build the pipes for healthcare data sharing at the patient level. Datavant enables linking of patient-level healthcare data across institutions without the need to share personally-identifiable information (PII). Datavant customers use the technology to assemble a more holistic view of patients, by sharing data with other groups, and/or by bringing in additional patient-level data into their datasets. To help promote clinical and scientific research advancement, Datavant is offering their software for free to groups that need de-identification and linking solutions for nonprofit / academic research purposes. During the workshop, Vera provided an overview of Datavant’s technology, as well as some common use cases where Datavant is being implemented today.

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