From Policy into Practice – HRA (EVO) Program [October 13, 2022]

Momentum for open access has been growing and it’s spreading to open data and other research outputs. The recent guidance from the White House OSTP has added to the international call for open research over the past few years. Policies are becoming more ambitious. Now is the time to learn about and prepare common pathways and best practices towards open research to minimize the burden on funders and researchers and maximize the value to public health.

This webinar demystified the current policy landscape and lay down a path towards our shared open research future, including practical first steps funder can take, and possible shared solutions across HRA members.


  • Joe McArthur, OA,Works – presented on how to get a handle on the current levels of open access publishing and preprinting happening with grantees today and what can be learned
  • Laura Paglione, ORCID Consultant – presented on what can be understood when ORCIDs are used and presenting a case study on ORCID impact