AHA Precision Medicine Platform: Cloud-enabled Workspaces to Research Webinar [May 10, 2022]

The process of research has evolved. Researchers around the globe are collaborating in real time, sharing data, and using the power of cloud-computing to analyze data. The federal government, industry and many organizations have enabled cloud-based work environments for their awardees.

This presentation introduced attendees to American Heart Association’s Precision Medicine Platform. The American Heart Association is committed to helping train the next generation of researchers and will offer up to 10 free trial workspaces for 3 months to each organization that is interested.  AHA staff demonstrated how organizations and researchers could leverage the data and tools available within the platform.

If you want to learn more about the Precision Medicine Platform, the data available, the ease of use,  the analytical tools available, or the free trial please email Holly Picotte at [email protected].

Jennifer Hall, PhD
Chief, Data Science AHA

Holly Picotte, MBA, PMP
Clinical Insights Director, AHA