How NCI is Leading on Data Sharing [Webinar, October 9, 2018]

The Data Sharing Working Group hosted a webinar featuring Jaime Guidry Auvil, the Director of NCI’s Office of Data Sharing. Jaime shared the efforts that are in motion at NCI and NIH that aim to promote the data sharing ecosystem. Importantly, she reported on the impressive steps that NCI is taking to incentivize and ease the burden of data sharing.  Attendees learned how private funders of medical research can similarly support the data sharing ecosystem including what it takes to implement and enforce data sharing by funding organizations, as well as monitoring and learning from the ongoing governmental initiatives.  In the summary of Jaime’s presentation (see the link above) you can find:

  • Questions you need to address when making your own policy
  • The definition and importance of Data Sharing
  • NIH’s and NCI’s Data Sharing policies including key elements of a Data Sharing Plan
  • Discussion of barriers to Data Sharing and ways to overcome them
  • An Addendum with a list of links to NIH resources

Jaime Guidry Auvil
Director, NCI Office of Data Sharing

The DSWG identifies challenges and solutions to the issues surrounding sharing of data. The group collects information and resources, or develops resources when none exist, in an effort to:

  • inform HRA Members about the issues surrounding data sharing,
  • help members in their decision-making processes regarding implementation of data sharing policies,
  • facilitate members development, implementation, and accountability as it relates to data sharing policies.

A longer term goal of the group is to identify gaps in data sharing platforms, and discuss philanthropy’s role in filling those gaps.