Data Sharing

Working Group Description

The Data-Sharing Working Group creates and coordinates a learning agenda for HRA membership interested in navigating the data-sharing ecosystem. The group facilitates sessions, collects and disseminates information and resources and serves as a thought-partnership community for HRA membership. The current learning agenda aims to:

  1. Inform HRA members about the issues and leading thinking surrounding data sharing.
  2. Help members in their decision-making processes regarding the creation of  data sharing policies.
  3. Support HRA members with resources and insights as they develop and implement data-sharing policies.

The Data Sharing Working Group began as a subgroup of the Open Science Task Force. It became clear to the participants in this group that though Data Sharing is a very important aspect of Open Science, there are enough issues to tackle, information to gather, and resources to generate, that this group should be a stand-alone Working Group.

The Key Activities this group will undertake to achieve the above aims are:

  • Provide access to leaders (via hosting meetings and webinars) in the data-sharing ecosystem
  • Source learning topics from HRA membership
  • Collect and disseminate robust data-sharing policies as well as organization checklists for creating a policy
  • Provide the environment for thought-partnership and coordinate shared services among members, when appropriate
  • Collaborate with federal and other non-federal research funding institutions on data-sharing policy

Plans for 2019 were:

Host a breakout session at the March Members Meeting to identify the high level processes necessary to create and implement data sharing policies.  We will also use this time to develop a road map the working group will follow that will facilitate HRA Members’ development of their own policies.

Quarterly webinars about data sharing topics:

Q1: Webinar about the basics of Data Sharing led by Warren Kibbe (see webinar registration info below.)

Q2 – Q4: Potential webinar topics include: sourced from HRA membership during the November breakout session

  • how to advocate for data-sharing within your organization and the value of a data-sharing policy
  • evaluating data-sharing plans and monitoring compliance to a data-sharing policy
  • vetting/selecting/learning about data-sharing repositories
  • incentivizing data-sharing for the research community


In 2020, the Data Sharing Working Group is being chaired by: