Data Sharing

Working Group Description

The Data Sharing Working Group identifies challenges and solutions to the issues surrounding sharing of data generated by researchers HRA members fund. The group collects information and resources, or develops resources when none exist, in an effort to:

  1. inform HRA Members about the issues surrounding data sharing,
  2. help members in their decision-making processes regarding implementation of data sharing policies,
  3. facilitate members development, implementation, and accountability as it relates to data sharing policies.

The Data Sharing Working Group began as a subgroup of the Open Science Task Force. It became clear to the participants in this group that though Data Sharing is a very important aspect of Open Science, there are enough issues to tackle, information to gather, and resources to generate, that this group should be a stand-alone Working Group.

The group hit the ground running in the summer of 2017 with two webinars and an in-person meeting.


In 2018, the Data Sharing Working Group is being chaired by: