Data Sharing: Why, How, and Measuring Impact – HRA (EVO) Program [November 10, 2022]

The NIH has issued a Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy effective January 25, 2023, to promote the sharing of scientific data. One of the ultimate benefits of sharing scientific data, is to facilitate the development of treatments and products that improve human health.

If you are interested in implementing your own data sharing policy and understand how to implement and track, this webinar is for you. We walked through elements of robust data sharing policies, best practices, and monitoring and discuss which of these make sense for specific organizations to advance your own missions as well as ways to monitor compliance and measure impact.


Kristen Ratan | Principal, Stratos

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz | Director, Open Research Solutions, PLOS

Tim Vines | Founder & Director, DataSeer

Salvatore La Rosa | Chief Scientific Officer, Children’s Tumor Foundation