HRA Happenings – November 2, 2023

Dear HRA members,

We are packing quite a bit into the last two months of 2023 – hope you can take advantage of the many opportunities listed below.

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The new and improved Member Profiles page is live on HRA’s website!

This public-facing page displays member organization’s names, logos, and a brief description of the organization’s focus. Updates made on the Organizational Directory (viewable by HRA Members only) are automatically reflected on this public-facing Member Profiles page. Edit your profile by filling out this form, or by emailing Jenna Hicks at [email protected].


3 Regional Meetings:

If interested in any, email [email protected]

November 14th:               Washington DC, coincides with Society for Neuroscience meeting, 6:30 PM, (venue TBD)

November 15th:               Phoenix, AZ, hosted by the Flinn Foundation, coincides with ABRCMS, (time and venue TBD)

February 27th:                  NYC, morning session, (venue TBD)

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in attending ANY of these.  We need numbers to choose venues! Details will be sent as they are finalized. 

HRA Peer Circles Program – JOIN COHORT 2!

Due to interest expressed at the Members Meeting, we are re-extending the opportunity to sign up for the HRA Peer Circles Program.  If you are interested in participating in a Peer Circle, please fill out this survey. The deadline to sign up is November 10th.  There is no limit to the number who can participate per member organization. 

Trial Finder Tools: Increasing Access to Clinical Trial Information

11/7/2023 12-1PM ET    Register here

Join the Health Research Alliance (HRA) Clinical Trials Interest Group to learn how the Alzheimer’s Association’s TrialMatch helps users find information about clinical trials and fits into other patient engagement efforts.

2023 CEO Roundtables

11/8/2023 3-4pm ET      Register here

HRA will be hosting the last roundtable of the year – giving CEOs (including Presidents, Executive Directors, etc) of HRA Member organizations the opportunity to network and learn from their peers.

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic

11/16/2023 3-4 PM ET  Register here

This Open Mic will start with a discussion about handling change requests. This includes NCEs, institution transfers, change of scope, re-budget requests, etc.—how your organization receives, reviews, and approves such requests, and similar considerations. Please come with any other pressing questions or topics of interest you might have!

DEI Community Call: Grantee Selection Strategies and the SCOTUS Race-Conscious Admissions Decision

11/29/2023 3-4 PM ET  Register Here

Amy Addams from the AMMC will discuss their Holistic Review framework, (allowable under the recent decision) and how it can be adapted for grantee selection. Leila Harrison, from Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, will then discuss implementing these selection strategies from the university admissions perspective.

Visualization for Program Evaluation Part 2: Practical strategies for effectively communicating evaluation findings

12/4/23 3-4PM ET           Register here

Data visualization is a powerful asset in an evaluation toolkit for internal and external stakeholders. Thise webinar will be an interactive presentation by data visualization experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–Jina Joan Dcruz, MSW, PhD and Florence Lee, MPH–chairs of the CDC Data Visualization Science Advisory Group.  Learn how to select appropriate channels, identify different approaches to visualization, tell a compelling story using data.

Member Resources

HRA webinars and many listserv posts are turned into resources, which you can search for from the Resources for Members page or using the links below.

HRA’s “State of the Alliance”

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic (9/21/2023)

Listserv Responses: Randomized Grant Order for Panel Review

Members Meeting Sessions

Most of the sessions at the Members Meeting (hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association) were also turned into resources.  They can also be accessed via the Resources for Members page or links to past members meetings, specifically the Fall 2023 HRA Members Meeting page.

Bias Mitigation in Peer Review Training for Program Staff

HRA has developed a Bias Mitigation in Peer Review Training for Program Staff as part of our Inclusive Grantmaking Initiative which is available for use by all HRA members. View access instructions here (must be logged into the HRA website to view; contact Jenna Hicks at [email protected] if you’d like to set up a user account on the HRA website).

All the best,