HRA Happenings – June 27, 2023

Dear HRA members,

Happy Summer!  HRA will continue to host events throughout the summer, though with less frequency. Upcoming events are listed below, as are links to new resources.  Included in those resources are 3 of our newest types of resources – “Key Ideas.”  Check them out!

Also – please help me welcome our newest HRA member organization –The Critical Path Institute’s (C-Path) Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRxA)!

Upcoming Events
Book Club
(This Wednesday!! 6/28/2023 11am-12pm ET)                   Register here
The  book club will be discussing ‘Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty’ by Patrick Radden Keefe. Feel free to join even if you haven’t read the book! We hope to have a robust discussion about funders’ and others’ various roles and responsibilities.

AI and Learning Language Models (LLM) Learning Community Open Mic
(This Wednesday!!  6/28/2023 1-2pm ET)                              Register here
Please join us for the first call of the newly formed AI and LLMs Learning Community. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionary technologies. How can funders capitalize on the potential and mitigate harm?

EVO Open Science Policy Development – Consultative Sessions  Sign up here!
As part of the EVO Program, HRA is offering one-on-one sessions with Kristen Ratan of Stratos to explore and implement open science policies, practices, and compliance monitoring that is appropriate for your organization.

Clinical Trials Interest Group Open Discussion
(7/11/2023 12-1pm ET)                 Register here
Please join us for the first meeting of the new Clinical Trials Interest Group. We will initially focus on the benefits, challenges, and strategies for enhancing the diversity of clinical trial participants – such as guidelines for inclusion and equity in research, participant recruitment, and clinical research workforce.

Misconduct and Ethics Learning Community call
(7/11/2023 3-4pm ET)                    Register here
The next call with the Misconduct and Ethics Community will follow up the March Members Meeting session with a discussion of concrete actions funders can take when trying to prevent or address toxic workplace issues, and we will work toward creation of a resource repository for HRA member organizations.

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic
(7/20/2023 3-4pm ET )                   Register here
The Grants Administration Community addresses a wide range of operational issues of concern to funders of health research and training. Recurring webinars are in an open mic-style format on topics suggested by the members.

2023 Registry and Biorepository calls
(8/24/2023 2-3pm ET)                    Register here
Topics this community has, and will cover include business plan development, advocating for registries/biorepositories, and international data privacy. Topic suggestions are always welcome! Details sent approximately one month prior to the call.

HRA’s “State of the Alliance”
(9/18/2023 2-3pm ET)                    Register here
I will be presenting the second annual “State of the Alliance” to update the membership on HRA’s many activities and solicit your feedback on the priorities we have set.

Peer Coaching Circles – ONGOING
Marina Triplett is scheduling the initial meeting for each circle.  Email [email protected] with questions.

Member Resources
This Key Ideas document concisely presents useful and specific elements of the NASEM Toolkit for Fostering Open Science Practices. The Toolkit, created by members of the NASEM Roundtable on Aligning Incentives for Open Science, was designed to help funders and others accelerate the pace of discovery by promoting open science.

KEY IDEAS: Increasing Diversity – Astronomy Postdocs
This Key Ideas document highlights very specific and effective changes that the Heising-Simons Foundation made to their peer review process to achieve gender parity among awardees. (From the Spring 2023 Members Meeting session.)

KEY IDEAS: Introduction to the Disability & Philanthropy Forum
This Key Ideas document summarizes key concepts including definitions of disability, methods to track participation, and strategies for increasing inclusion and accessibility of resources and events.

HRA Analyzer Lunch & Learn [June 21, 2023]
Diane Saunders gave an “HRA Analyzer 101” course, including: linking and/or uploading your organization’s data; ways you can use Analyzer for program evaluations; and methods to identify funding trends and/or gaps.

DEI Community Call: Discussion of NASEM report on Advancing Antiracism and DEI [June 20, 2023]
The DEI learning community co-chairs presented highlights and facilitated a discussion of the recent NASEM report on Advancing Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEMM Organizations.

Listserv Responses: Hybrid/Remote post pandemic survey responses [June 2023]
Thanks to Margaret Flowers from BCRF for posting and compiling the many responses to her question regarding how HRA orgs are managing hybrid or remote work environments.

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic [June 8, 2023]
The June open mic webinar Grants Administration Community was an open discussion starting with (1) international grantmaking/handling payments, (2) support for working parents—caregiving expenses, family leave considerations, and (3) handling rising postdoc salary and other inflation-related concerns.

EVO Program Webinar Data Sharing and Policy Landscape [June 7, 2023]
The Explore the Value of Open (EVO) Program hosted a webinar discussing the expanded “policy worksheet” (with OSTP and NIH Guidance examples/comments), and steps to develop a data sharing strategy.  As part of the EVO program, HRA is offering one-on-one consultative sessions with Kristen Ratan.  Sign up here!

DEI Community Call: Open Mic – International Diversity [May 24, 2023]
Diversity-focused initiatives within the US vary in their inclusion of international scientists under definitions of ‘diversity.’ In this Open Mic, HRA members shared their experiences and challenges around diversity in the context of funding international scientists.

Leading Edge Symposium [May 17, 2023]
Attendees heard from “Leading Edge”, a cross-institutional initiative whose mission is to retain and promote women and non-binary people in the life sciences, and increase gender diversity at the highest levels of academic research.

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic [May 11, 2023]
This call was an open discussion around (1) awardee institution transfers, (2) awardee as a party to the grant agreement, and (3) allowing applicants to “fix” applications after submission, grace periods, and other submission considerations.

Registry and Biorepository Learning Community call [April 27, 2023]

The Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA presented the FDA’s Real-World Data and Evidence Draft Guidance including definitions, regulatory applications of registry data, and considerations for linking registries with other data sources.

Intro to “Health Open Research” (an F1000 platform) [April 25, 2023]
HRA Members learned about F1000’s Health Open Research platform and about the analogous platform “Gates Open Research”.  Health Open Research welcomes submissions from all researchers in health, medical and social care research.

Grants Administration Community: Standing Monthly Open Mic [April 20, 2023]
This open mic webinar was a robust discussion around marketing/disseminating RFP/RFAs and questions around grants management systems.

Research Workforce and Early Career Community Call [April 19, 2023]
On this call we started by focusing on ALUMNI NETWORKS as a mechanism of mentoring and retaining scientists. Then we discussed potential community workstreams including mentoring, recruitment and retention, workforce issues/challenges, and measures of success.