Listserv Responses: Hybrid/Remote post pandemic survey responses [June 2023]

Thanks to Margaret Flowers from BCRF for posting and compiling the responses to her question shown below (posted to the listserv on June 8, 2023).  Many member organizations responded and the responses are available here (to access the responses you need to be logged in.)

Dear HRA Colleagues,

Like many HRA orgs, BCRF emerged from the pandemic era with a hybrid workplace. Some staff are fully remote while others within commuting distance come into the office at least 1 day a week.

As we transition post-pandemic and prepare for a new strategic planning process, we would like to know how other HRA orgs are managing hybrid or remote work. We appreciate any feedback regarding the following questions, and I’ll compile all responses for our Members resources page.

  1. Does your organization have a hybrid or remote workforce?
  2. What percentage of staff work either fully remote or hybrid?
  3. What is the minimum number of days hybrid workers must be in the office?
  4. Are there restrictions on remote/hybrid work based on job title (salaried vs hourly, or job duties/role for instance.)?
  5. Where is your organization located (City and state)?