American Federation for Aging Research

Organization Overview

The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) is a leading, not-for-profit organization supporting biomedical aging research. Since 1981, AFAR has awarded more than $178 million to more than 4,100 talented investigators and students. The important work AFAR supports leads to a better understanding of aging processes and to improvements in the health of all people as they age.

Targeting the effects of aging
The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) is a leading supporter of biomedical research on aging with the goal of extending older adults’ years of health, independence and quality of life. AFAR has longstanding partnerships with foundations, corporations and individuals who have entrusted us to choose the best people and the best research to move the field of aging research forward.

AFAR funds research on the biology of aging as well as the connections between aging processes and age-related diseases and conditions. We also focus our funding on training physician-scientists and geriatricians who can address the many complex needs of an aging population.

Looking to 2018…
We are hoping to launch the Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME) trial which will test whether metformin, a drug currently prescribed as the first line of defense against Type II (adult onset) diabetes, can delay the onset of age-related diseases. This is a unique trial as we are asking whether a single drug can treat or prevent multiple diseases and conditions. Getting FDA approval for such a drug – and they have already indicated they would consider it – gives its use legitimacy. In addition, the prospect of FDA approval for aging-retarding drugs would attract new excitement and new funding for this type of research and even more effective drugs can be developed. Even modest gains will have a huge global health and economic public impact.