Foundation for Physical Therapy Research

Organization Overview

The mission of the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research is to fund and publicize research that determines the scientific basis and value of services provided by physical therapists and to develop the next generation of investigators. Established in 1979, the Foundation supports the profession’s research needs in basic science research, clinical research, and health services research. The Foundation has awarded more than $13 million to launch the careers of hundreds of physical therapist scientists who have then leveraged this support to secure an estimated $550 million in additional research funding from other sources. Many of today’s leading physical therapist researchers, clinicians, and academicians began their careers with a grant or scholarship from the Foundation – more than 7,000 publications contributing to the evidence-based practice of physical therapy have been published in peer-reviewed journals by our alumni. We strive to continue to advance the applications of physical therapy and support the emerging scientist.

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