Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Organization Overview

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation invests in innovative and collaborative projects to positively impact quality of life for people who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Our Health Program focuses on improving the diagnosis and treatment of IBD, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. The Foundation employs two primary strategies to accomplish our mission. We offer several grant programs that fund cutting-edge health research projects to research institutions worldwide. Our annual Innovations Symposium brings together collaborative, innovative and creative thinkers to work towards the common goal of curing IBD. The Symposium facilitates connections between researchers from different disciplines and features a panel of keynote speakers and Rainin Foundation grantees. Since 2002 the Rainin Foundation has awarded over $7.5 million to health researchers at some of the finest institutions throughout the United States and abroad. In the next four years, our funding for medical research is projected to dramatically increase to approximately $5.5 million annually, making the Rainin Foundation one of the leading supporters of IBD research.