Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Organization Overview


The Rainwater Charitable Foundation (RCF) is a private family foundation based in Fort Worth, Texas founded by Richard E. Rainwater in 1991. Since its formation, RCF has funded initiatives centered around children, believing that high-quality education can transform the life trajectories of children and families.  Our education grant making focuses on families and children in resilient communities that stand to benefit the most from our funding and partnership.  Over time our educational funding has evolved from a focus on critical needs to a blend of school-based work and systems, understanding that schools are a fundamental lever of change both for neighborhoods and for society as a whole.

In 2009, RCF added  a second funding program called the Tau Consortium.  The consortium’s mission is to accelerate treatments in a class of neurodegenerative diseases called tauopathies.  Since then RCF has developed other medical research initiatives, all focused on finding a cure for tauopathies.

In all areas of giving, RCF seeks to employ the same strategies and values that Mr. Rainwater used for business investments.  We seek out programs with measurable success, strong leadership and the ability to scale for greater impact.