Working Group: Open Science Task Force

Task Force Description:

The goal of the Open Science Task Force is to produce resources for HRA member organizations to:  1) inform their decision making processes in the implementation of open science policies, 2) facilitate implementation of open science policies and 3) influence the advancement of open science.

Topics of Interest:

  • Data sharing platforms  (creation of policies, etc, to move this into practice)
  • Preprint servers  (conveying their importance to the our researchers, learning more about how best to use preprints and to encourage their use)
  • Webinar on how to use the Open Science Framework
  • Open access toolkit to implement open access policies for publications

During the June 8th conference call members were asked to sign up for tasks which can be found here:


In 2018, the Open Science Task Force is being co-chaired by:

  • Jason Gerson, Senior Program Officer, PCORI
  • Salvatore La Rosa, PhD, Vice President, Research & Development, Children’s Tumor Foundation
  • Belinda Orland, Senior Manager, Research Operations, American Heart Association