HRA’s Open Science Task Force organized a webinar on May 10th on “Opportunities for Increasing Research Reproducibility and Transparency” presented by Andrew Sallans (Partnerships Lead) and David Mellor (Project Manager), both of the Center for Open Science (COS;

The webinar expanded on the 8 modular Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines (  The webinar also introduced participants to the Open Science Framework (OSF) which is a free scholarly platform for researchers to share data and materials.

The webinar aimed to help health research funders (HRA and its members) make informed decisions about: 1) adopting TOP Guidelines to improve Research Reproducibility and 2) encouraging grantee use of OSF to advance  Open Science.

To listen to a recording of this webinar click here

Another goal of this webinar was to engage more participants in HRA’s Open Science Task Force, led by Sindy Escobar-Alvarez.  Please email Maryrose at maryrose [at] healthra [dot] org if you are interested in becoming involved with HRA’s very important Open Science efforts.