Engaging Awardees [HRA Members Meeting, Virtual, Fall 2021]

Attend this session to learn from HRA colleagues about strategies they use to engage awardees and alumni beyond funding and reporting. The session will be split into 2 segments with a few very brief “lightning” presentations in each segment, followed by Q&A.

Segment 1: Talks will highlight strategies to engage awardees in outreach (fundraising, advocacy, patient engagement, outreach to applicants.)
Segment 2: Talks will highlight researcher-focused strategies (professional development opportunities, alumni networks, and mentoring.)
Presenters will briefly share the elements of the strategy, the resources required, and metrics and methods used to evaluate success.

Be prepared to note your organizations’ efforts in the chat and join the discussion!


Segment 1

Patient Engagement
Kristin Mueller, PhD
Senior Director, Scientific Program | Melanoma Research Alliance

Outreach to Applicants
Jennifer Villa, PhD
Officer | Pew Charitable Foundation

Advisory Capacity
Lora Wong
Research Administration Manager | American Heart Association

Fundraising Efforts
Alycia Halladay, PhD
Chief Science Officer | Autism Science Foundation

Application Review Process
Eileen Melnick
Director, Grants & Awards | Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation

Segment 2

Professional Development Opportunities
Caitlyn Barrett, PhD
National Director of Research and Programs | CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

Professional Development Opportunities
Carole Wegner, PhD
Senior VP, Research and Grants Administration | V Foundation

Dawid Potgieter, D.Phil.
Director of Programs in Discovery Science | Templeton World Charity Foundation

Alumni Networks
Heather Calderone, PhD
Director, Research and Grants | American Brain Tumor Association