Evolving Intellectual Property Policy: Overview and Implementation [HRA Members Meeting, Spring 2019]

The research supported by non-profit funders may result in new products, inventions, new technology and new concepts – called intellectual property (IP). These deliverables may provide an unforeseen and potentially significant return on investment for non-profits whose funds helped to support the research from which the IP was derived. Whether the institution pursues commercialization or not, funders should consider issues such as ownership of research, the options for commercialization, and revenue sharing agreements, etc. through an IP policy. In this session, members will hear from three speakers from the HRA membership on their experiences in the decision making, implementation and monitoring IP policies. Speakers will discuss what has worked well in their processes and share possible pitfalls your organization may be able to avoid, what you may expect in negotiations with institutions during the contract phase of grant execution, and different approaches for monitoring adherence to contractual obligations over time – including after grants are closed. Members will gain an understanding of the effort needed to create an IP policy, key points needed in such a policy, and have tools needed to take next steps, wherever they are in the process of adopting an IP policy. The session will include panel discussion for Q&A and opportunities to hear from others in the audience.

Krissa Smith, PhD
Director, Research Programs | Susan G. Komen

Susanna Greer, PhD (Presentation)
Scientific Director, Clinical Cancer Research and Immunology | American Cancer Society

Michael Kaplan, MA (Presentation)
President and CEO | Melanoma Research Alliance

Maneesh Kumar, MD, PhD (Presentation)
Optimized Scientific Solutions, LLC on behalf of Breast Cancer Research Foundation