February Grants Administration Community Call [February 15, 2024]

The February Grants Administration Community open mic discussion was on Thursday, February 15th, and was an open discussion starting with (1) how to capture the outcomes (publications, further funding, IP, tools, career progress, etc.; including progress report templates) of the research we fund, and then (2) how to report these outcomes to our community. Thanks to all who participated in the robust discussion! 

As a reminder, the Grants Admin Community will hold recurring webinars each month in an open mic-style format—unless there is a topic that lends itself to an invited expert speaker(s)—around two or three pre-planned topics of member interest based on common listserv questions and per member request to spark candid discussion. These webinars are not limited to the scheduled topics, and will unfold as the conversation dictates, offering common problems and potential (ideally evidence-based) solutions.