Grants Administration Community: Planning for 2023 and Topics of Interest [February 9, 2023]

The Grants Administration Community addresses a wide range of operational issues of concern to funders of health research and training. The group curates resources for the HRA grants administration handbook, offers webinars, and hosts roundtable discussions on the vast topic area that is grants administration.

In the year ahead, the Grants Admin Community is excited to routinely host webinars and roundtable discussions on new and old sub-topics of HRA member interest, and we want your input on what is most relevant and useful to you and your organization! In order to better serve our members, the Community is also looking for individuals who are interested in being a topic leader, such as the “go-to” person for international grantmaking, grants management systems, etc. We encourage all HRA members who are interested in grants administration and want to be involved in the Community this year at any level to attend this brainstorming webinar. Help us determine how we can best address the most pressing questions our colleagues have and effectively share our knowledge and resources with one another! Please register using the link above.

If you have ideas for 2023 topics of interest and/or pain points to add to the list for discussion in advance, please do let us know.

Potential 2023 topic areas include (please note this is a list for discussion and we encourage your input):

Common issues/topic ideas (open mic format):

  • Interest in learning about other grants management systems?
  • IRB – Can take months and months for approval, how do organizations deal with this?
  • Read and acknowledged – Awardee no longer a party to the agreement is becoming commonplace, how are funders responding?
    • And other grant agreement pain points! (IP, reporting requirements, and indirect costs)
  • Transition assistance/termination – Many awardees have moved recently, discussion on how other funders handle this. Pausing award, transferring the award, terminating the award, etc.
  • Alumni-engagement and post-award follow-up
  • Global grantmaking
  • (If needed) Peer review – what are the remaining common questions/issues that our members have?

We look forward to an exciting year!

Christy and Eileen
Co-Chairs, HRA Grants Administration Community