HRA Analyzer Webinar Series

This series is designed as an introduction to HRA Analyzer, our members-only online awards database.  If you have never worked with Analyzer before, we strongly encourage you to view the kickoff webinar recording from April 30.

4/30 • Kickoff Webinar

This first webinar in the HRA Analyzer series presented an overview of platform functionality, including basic award searches (from HRA organizations and NIH) and introduction to other data types that are aggregated and linked. Maneesh Kumar, co-chair of the Grants Program Analysis Working Group, showed how to create compelling graphics, and Dimensions staff was available to answer questions. The recording of this webinar is of value both for those who have never worked with Analyzer before, as well as “power users” who would like to provide input or ask questions!

5/7 • Data Upload
Been tasked with updating your organization’s awards data in HRA Analyzer? It’s not as painful as you think! On this webinar we reviewed options for data submission and learned some time-saving tricks. We discussed the key information you should locate in your grants management system, why we request submission of historical data, and how providing certain data fields can add value to your use of Analyzer. If you’ve been putting off submitting data or need to train a new staff member to do so, this webinar is for you!  (Refer to page 15 in the User Guide v2.0)

5/14 • Landscape Analysis
HRA Analyzer boasts awards data from over 80 member organizations plus the NIH, all coded and categorized using machine learning, providing a wealth of information at your fingertips that can be used to inform grantmaking. A picture is worth a thousand words, so come take a deep dive into Analytical Views.  Use these tools to look at research trends, see where the funding is localized, compare funding across fields, time and place. Until you play in Analytical Views you don’t know what you don’t know! All are welcome for this week of “big picture” data.

5/21 • The Grants Process – from finding reviewers to duplicative submission and overlap in funding
With almost 60,000 awards representing more than $18 billion in funding (plus 440, 000 NIH grants), HRA Analyzer can be a resource to organizations in almost every biomedical domain. This week, we will highlight how Dimensions can augment your grant review process – by helping to identify reviewers or checking submissions for overlap in funding.  We’ll explore using various features like searching using an abstract, searching using keywords, and filtering with categories, to make the grant and review process easier.  Have you used Analyzer to look for collaborators or reviewers, check for related funding, or identify scientific contributions? Join us to share your insights and learn from the community.

5/28 • Portfolio Analyses
This webinar will focus on how to analyze, visualize, and pitch your organization’s awards portfolio to relevant stakeholders.  Participants will learn how to perform retrospective analysis and identify potential future funding opportunities. Gain insight into your own portfolio and learn how others are using Analyzer to make informed strategic decisions.

6/4 • How to Use/Access “Offline Data”
Curious about awards data collected that is not visible on HRA Analyzer? There is a fantastic opportunity for high-dimensional analyses if you know where to look — and if everyone submits these data fields! Here, we’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the power of “Offline Data.” Sort your data by career stage (you might only want to see postdoc awards), or eligibility (look at only funding for physician scientists). Are you interested in research grants but not training grants? Bring your questions and suggestions for taking advantage of this rich data.  (Refer to pages 16 – 19 in the User Guide 2.0)