HRA COVID-19 Impact Survey Presentation

In March, HRA hired evaluators to conduct a broad landscape analysis on the impact the pandemic had on HRA member organizations. In advance of the release of the report, the evaluators will be presenting the results of the COVID-19 Impact Survey to HRA members. The presentation will include not only how funders changed their grantmaking strategies, but also the impact on remote work, and operational issues at HRA member organizations.

Please join us for this presentation and hopefully a robust discussion of how we can incorporate what we have learned from this experience to increase our resiliency. Also, should HRA launch a follow-up survey? If so, when and what additional information do we need to gather?

Thanks to the Covid Survey Impact Survey Advisory Team:

  • Heather Calderone
  • Joe Cotter
  • Sindy Escobar-Alvarez
  • Laura Mayka