HRA Reporter goes Public [Webinar, January 24, 2019]

HRA Reporter* goes Public! 

We are excited to announce that a public version of HRA Reporter is coming soon! Digital Science will be connecting with the designated contact for each organization to determine your organization’s desired level of participation, and is also developing a useful set of FAQs.  We look forward to working with you to launch this resource for HRA members and the broader community.  Check out the Bladder Cancer Funding Analyzer to see the power of this tool.

(*Please note the recording of the webinar uses the name “HRA Analyzer” for the public resource and “HRA Reporter” for the HRA grant database for members only. But this has been switched.  HRA Reporter will be the name for the PUBLIC face of the HRA grant database.  The members only database will now be called HRA Analyzer.)  The slides have been updated with the current and correct names.