March Research Workforce and Early Career Development Community Call [March 20, 2024]

In the past, biomedical research grants were often fiscal activities to advance the science in a specific field or area, acting more as simply a funding source than as a program that engages its grantees. Funders have realized that their impact can be enhanced by creating a holistic approach to funding, considering the grantee as part of their community, and providing additional resources that are not directly related to the research, but to the person awarded. This approach not only improves the experience of the grantee but provides opportunities for the grantor without a heavy cost, including communications and advocacy opportunities, assistance in reviewing and recruiting for awards and the potential expansion of partnerships and programmatic work.  In this research workforce community meeting, attendees discussed and learned about how to build a funding program that creates a community for long-term impact.  Members shared various methods, programs, and tools that they have used to create an engaged community of awardees that goes beyond the science.