Measuring Funding Impact Through Grantee Outputs [HRA Members Meeting, Fall 2018]

Measuring the impact of a non-profit organization’s grants program can be a difficult, and sometimes ambiguous, process. For example, answering a seemingly simple question like, “how successful are we at accomplishing our mission?”, typically results in more questions than definitive or tangible answers.  One approach to gauging organizational success is to measure the success of grant recipients that result from an organization’s support. This session will explore how to connect grantees to landmark discoveries in their particular field based on outputs collected from progress reports. In addition, we will look at ways to examine these outputs, either individually or in aggregate, to more broadly evaluate the health and success of a grants program. Lastly, we will discuss why these data are important and how they can be leveraged for communications to stakeholders, donors, and the public will be discussed.

Carole Wegner, PhD
VP, Research and Grants Administration| The V Foundation for Cancer Research

Samuel Thomas (Presentation)
Chief Technology Officer and Project Manager | Rose Li and Associates

Natalia Volfovsky, PhD (Presentation)
Director, Data and Analytics | Simons Foundation

Alycia Halladay, PhD (Presentation)
Chief Science Officer | Autism Science Foundation